Those who think it would be fun to make chocolate a special,

Chocolate itself is a matter of taste and pleasure, we offer a huge chocolate factories çalışsada this taste, a taste that everyone can be found each time the food isteyipte expensive, we offer you a recipe for dessert you can make chocolate at home. Enjoy your meal in advance ..!


9 tablespoons of sugar

9 spoon flour

0.5 pack of margarine

1 package vanilla

3 tablespoon cocoa

3 eggs

Basis of preparation :

Beat the eggs with the sugar thoroughly in advance ( up to 15 min . ) Then , margarine , with the exception of putting other materials Beat again (25 min . ), Then , melt the butter in a pan pakaet 0.5 . ( Cooled down a bit then add the margarine ) Then stir . If you want to put into molds , WHETHER dondurun.AFİYET OLSUN!

NOTE: Half the package comes a lot of margarine margarine so the two bölün.ısıtıp after it has cooled , add half a pack , I have tried at home yesterday, put a little milk is sweeter .


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